Since 2008 to 2018, we have done a lot of volunteer work for no more than 10 years, in the interest of the Indian, Sarnami society in the Netherlands. We have contributed to various organizations. Think of helping with presentation, media, marketing and among other things, networking to connect and to join forces for the unit. After Covid19, we make our volunteer contribution exclusively to the Child's Future foundation. Below is a nice 10 year overview to be proud of!


In 2009 we started with 11 people, Stichting AsianWedding.NL with Saskia, Sanjay, Ryan, Amir, Reza, Asif, Remi, Max, Asha, Aarti and Newien. In 2010 the first edition was launched in the World Trade Center. The 2nd edition was in 2011 in Ahoy Rotterdam, the 3rd edition was in 2012 at the Pier in Scheveningen. Furthermore, until 2013, we organized AsianWedding Bridal Fairs in Ahoy Rotterdam and Rai Amsterdam. In 2014/2015 we successfully sold this successful concept!

2010 1e Editie

2011 2e Editie

2012 3e Editie


2012 3e Editie




From 2009 to 2019, Ryan Haripersad, Sanjay Gangadin, Asha Gurahoo, Reza Rodjan, Amir Awan and Max Wouden were volunteers within the APNA foundation (the umbrella foundation in the Rotterdam Rijnmond area) from an affiliated organization; Child's Future. Ryan was even Djadmaan on behalf of the Hindustani community in 2012. We did this with great passion and pleasure. This is how we made our sewa contribution to the Hindustani community when it comes to Holi Rotterdam for 10 years.

2008 Holi

2009 Holi

2010 Holi

2011 Holi

2012 Holi

2013 Holi

2014 Holi

2015 Holi

2016 Holi

2017 Holi

2017 Holi

2018 Holi


2008 Divali

2009 Divali

2009 Divali

2010 Divali

2011 Divali

2012 Divali

2013 Divali

2014 Divali

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