ALL ABOUT THE Bollywood Première

Since 2009 we have been organizing all Bollywood Public Premieres for Dutch cinemas, such as Pathe and Kinepolis. When you have been to 1 of our premieres, you really remember the film! We always have a tasty snack and a drink for our guests to consume during the film. We also provide entertainment and merchandise for more fun and experience. It also happens that you can greet the actors!

The Bollwood Premieres are organized in collaboration with local entrepreneurs with Indian, Surinamese and Sarnami roots. We also organize the Ladies Night on request, in terms of presentation and visual media.

Since 2009, Ryan Haripersad of Kapra and Sanjay and Saskia Gangadin of PictureMomentZ organize all premieres with the company Link2Agency, this company has been rebranded to Bollywood Merchandise.

ALL ABOUT Bollywood Merchandise


Thanks to PictureMomentZ, fans of Arijit Singh can buy unique merchandise for his concert on April 29 in Rotterdam Ahoy. Among other things, T-shirts, hoodies, flags, bags and mugs are available with a picture of the Indian composer and singer of Bollywood songs.

“We were asked by the organizers, Whiterock Entertainment and Rock On Music, to produce the merchandise for this show,” said Saskia and Sanjay Gangadin. “It is an honor for us. All the more so because it is the first time that merchandise is for sale for a concert by a popular Indian artist in the Netherlands.”

PictureMomentZ has been supplying printed clothing and articles for years. “That is our specialty”, emphasizes the Rotterdam entrepreneurial couple. “For example, T-shirts with our one-hour service for your favorite artist's concert in Ahoy.
But this is also a first for us: a broad collection for a large group of fans.”


The Arijit Singh merchandise is sold exclusively by Ryan Haripersad of Kapra, on the evening of the concert in Rotterdam Ahoy and the pre-sale via the webshop The design is by the most famous Hindustani designer in the Netherlands ShounakTewarie from Art is Well. Photo in this Art was taken by Rayn Hossainkhan of Ray-Media. 

Saskia and Sanjay find it very exciting to deliver the merchandise for such a large event. “How nice is that to see so many happy concertgoers in clothes made by us!” — in Zuidplein Shopping Center.

This is how Bollywood Merchandise is born in Rotterdam!

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